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CH Annevan Dash Of Salt

CH Dundrum's Storm Warning At Kordach

CH Happy Hobbits Rags A Fool & His Money

CH Ketka's Benchmark Wild And Crazy Guy

CH Ketka's Opalescent

CH Noble's Bad Hair Don'T Care TKN

CH Paldachs Dance Dance Dance Ppp W

CH Star Mountain Little Ball Of Fur Of Prestige

GCHCH Houla's Jerry Loule'

GCH CH Ketka's Free Thinker

GCHB CH Ketka's Wild Nash Rambler

GCHS CH Noble Legacy's Tango TKN

GCH CH Houla's Potter's Inspiration FDC CGCU TKN

CH Brokenroad Time's A Wastin' OANAJ NF NFP CA BCAT SWA SCM

                                   SEM SIE SHDN RATN TKA Also NA replaced by OA

Mila-Ii BCAT

Star Mountain Bonedigger Bonedigger JC CAA DCAT ACT1 TKN

Phaererin Chispa SWN  Also SEN & SBN replaced by SWN

GCHS CH Phaererin Agustinho CM SWN SEA

Star Mountain Lost In Translation CGCA


(New Title in Red*)

Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America, Inc.

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